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Blossom Dinner & Discussion Series: "Why is giving birth in the U.S. surprisingly deadly?"

  • 800 Maine Avenue Southwest #200 Washington, DC, 20024 United States (map)

Join the conversation!

Why is giving birth in the U.S. surprisingly deadly?

It's alarming. What's happening? Why would a country that leads the world in advancements, wealth and developments, experience such perils when it comes to the health of it's women? And why are black women, in particular, more at risk? Join the conversation! Because healthy babies need health parents!

Discuss the problem and the solution. We have the power to make a change. And it starts with a conversation.

When healthy conversations happen, loving change blossoms.

For 2019, Arise REG has selected Mamatoto Village and other like organizations that seek to provide optimal healthcare for pregnant women and postpartum as a beneficiary of events, drives and giving. Proceeds from this event will be donated to Mamatoto Village.

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