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Investor Seminar: Rebuild & Restore

If you are the type who spends hours watching home renovations on television, all while desiring to one day do-it-yourself, then this is the opportunity for you!  Learn the steps you can take today and the resources that are already available to you to get started investing in, renovating and restoring real estate.

At this seminar you will:

  • Network with other current and aspiring real estate investors
  • Meet and consult with hard money lenders  
  • Get connected to contractors and other home service providers
  • Learn current real estate market conditions
  • Discover short term and long term finance solutions
  • Evaluate current opportunities in the marketplace

Whether your mission is to generate an additional income stream, or to rebuild communities, we are here to help by serving your REAL (real estate and life) needs!

*Space is extremely limited, so please reserve your seat in advance.